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Evelyn Yu-Ying Wu – Tofu To-Go


Evelyn Yu-Ying Wu – Tofu To-Go

by Evelyn Yu-Ying Wu

The project consists of using quality Swiss soybeans and to make tofu appealing to Europeans. Tofu is a great source of protein. However, tofu products are often presented as large blocks swimming in liquid, which confuses people about how to consume them. Also, most people do not know that they can eat tofu cold. The “Tofu To-Go” project features a new type of tofu inspired by traditional cheese that is made entirely from soybeans. The snack portion of tofu is wrapped with soy string and covered with soy wax, which makes it easier and more hygienic to eat. “Tofu To-Go” is a snack for both adults and children. uyingwu@gmail.com https://evelynyuyingwu.com