Jacques-Aurélien Brun – After Anna


Jacques-Aurélien Brun – After Anna

by Jacques-Aurélien Brun

After Anna is a journey made from island to island where I follow my own quest searching for a mysterious fictional woman who is lost at sea. Caught in a fisherman’s net or hidden in a deep maritime cave, I explore, off Sicily, some of the endless possibilities of what could have befallen her. I drew inspiration for my journey from The Odyssey when Ulysses tries desperately to reunite with Penelope, and by the brutal disappearance of Anna in L’Avventura of Antionioni. My journey is situated on the border between the quest of an old myth and a modern investigation that allowed me, in parallel, to look for the roots of my culture. I searched the archaeological artefacts; I dug the belly of the Islands to search for clues. Finally, at the end of my pursuit for the enigmatic woman, I gathered all the real fragments and the imagined ones together for pursuing this woman and asked myself what she really represents.