Niederhauser Schlup


Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup – La Vallée


Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup – La Vallée

Diploma project by Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup

“My project has for theme the Vallée de Joux and its relationship with the watch industry. I have photographed the various aspects of the place, showing them from an unusual perspective. The photographs are manipulated, retouched and set up in order to create a fabricated reality and disturb the spectator. Presented along with a display, this project takes the form of a book. The whole becomes a fictional study. The hardest for me was to meet the inhabitants, the Combiers. My personal approach of the subject has allowed me to improve my technical skills. Some images required a particular setup. Having conducted this project over a long period of time, I have learned perseverance and to keep challenging my vision at all times.” Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup