Jeremy Ayer – Days of Threshold


Jeremy Ayer – Days of Threshold

by Jeremy Ayer

“Days of Threshold is a photographic project composed of 26 inkjet prints narrating the story of a country boy who has invented his own dream world. I have chosen a teenage boy to tell my story because of the autobiographical component of the project. Having already worked several times with him, we have developed an intimate relationship that has enabled me to access his imagination and world. Through this relationship, I have been able to establish a specific consistency and fluidity between the images. Reinterpreting various themes close to adolescence I have punctuated the storytelling with more abstract imagery, allowing me to vary the tone. I decided to only reveal fragments of this period in the life of the boy. The images are separated by only a thin line between childhood and adulthood. My character constantly crosses this line, navigating between the two positions despite always keeping one foot within childhood. For this project, similar to my previous work, I have established my own playground that has allowed me to play with different photographic styles such as portraiture, staged photography, documentary, and fiction.“