Moins Zéro


Moins Zéro

with Denis Roueche, Prune Simon-Vermot

During 4 days, the students in the first year of the Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Photography were confronted with the weather in the Far North of La Chaux-de-Fond and presented the results of their work in the form of a giant calendar at QUARTIER GENERAL. With the participation of students: Pauline Baldinetti, Ines Barrionuevo, David Benito Py, Alexandre Brunisholz, Emma Chapuis, Lucien Grandjean, Hugo Hectus, Elena Najdovski, Julie Neuhaus, Laetitia Paroz, Guillaume Pavia, Caroline Perrenoud, Amanda Puna, Alizée Quinche, Clara Roumegoux, Steven Rüthy, Julie Ryser, Guillaume Schilter, Samuel Schmidt, Timo Tiffert, Laura Trummer, Adeline Vermot, Loris Wahler, Justine Willa Teachers: Denis Roueche, Prune Simon Vermot Assistants: Amaury Hamon, Clément Lambelet, Olivia Schenker