Fenton & Haakon Spencer


Matthew Fenton & Haakon Spencer – Verities 01


Matthew Fenton & Haakon Spencer – Verities 01

Diploma project by Matthew Fenton & Haakon Spencer

Verities is an independent biannual publication of thought, observation and reflection, giving equal focus to visual arts and literature. Verities explores new ways of seeing the most ordinary and overlooked situations, revealing the arresting and irrational in the everyday. The ability to disorient and estrange through a subjects illumination makes for a potentially explosive catalyst that sits at the heart of Verities. In each issue artists and authors explore a new theme through artworks, photography, design, fashion, essays and short stories. Finding the new in the old and celebrating the old in the new, rescuing beauty from vulgarity, and pushing social issues to the fore. Verities makes intellectual content accessible, yet is not afraid to challenge its readers. Based in London with an international outlook this is a publication that is subjective in its authorship and honest in its approach. Taking on the mantle of producing a publication for the ultra observant.