Communication Machines - Workshop by Niklas Roy


Communication Machines - Workshop by Niklas Roy

Workshop with Niklas Roy

During a one week, we investigated the role of devices and protocols in our communication behaviors in order to come up with new communication devices, beyond the smartphone. We started out with some low-tech experiments, where we tried to transmit messages in morse code by pulling on a rope. A subsequent brainstorming session structured our thoughts and knowledge about communication methods, contents, and devices in general. This led to several exceptional and funny ideas for new communication machines which the students realized in different teams during the remaining time of the week. The results were very diverse: - A fully functionning electro-mechanical pigeon post installation invited all students to playfully connect over several floors of the school. - The communication autopilot extended the idea of already available auto-complete functionality into the realm of spoken telephone conversation. - A disco performance explored the challenges of communications via music. - And a color-to-smell translator used sophisticated robotic engineering to reveal a hidden olfactory layer in a set of beautifully designed colorful posters.