Rachele Monti – Longeva sutura erosiva


Rachele Monti – Longeva sutura erosiva

Diploma project by Rachele Monti

I grew up in Ticino, in a mountainous area, rock is an ubiquitous element in my memories. This environment is, for me, permeated with mysticism. In Longeva sutura erosiva the mineral element takes an anthropomorphic shape, through the human epidermal surface. The skin shows us only the out- side of things, but through this appearance, I express the manifestation of an interiority in a match between organic and spiritual. In my images, the surface and the materiality are fundamental, through bodily assault and marks on the skin like bruises and wounds, and through my collages and the effects that I create, I give the psychological side the materiality which is characteristic of stones and crystals.