Sara Bastai – RAM_1.0


Sara Bastai – RAM_1.0

Diploma project by Sara Bastai

RAM 1.0 is a collaborative project between myself and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a fictional account of my life, based on my personal visual archive, but constructed and mediated by AI. The project explores the concept of memories and the importance of the construction of an archive in the digital realm.  Focused on the interaction between images and text, I let AI analyse my memories and then reinterpret the captions to create new images. New memories are created in the form of five different books and five slide shows on a modular installation. Floating between human and non-human, the dialogue between myself and the machine comes into being and enables you to immerse yourself in a new data set of my memories through the gaze of technology.


Exhibition "Automated Photography" at Galerie l'elac + Conference by Constant Dullaart,09.03.2022, 17:30,Gallery l'elac, Renens


Exhibition "Automated Photography" at Galerie l'elac + Conference by Constant Dullaart,
09.03.2022, 17:30,
Gallery l'elac, Renens

An increasing number of images are produced autonomously by machines for machines with a gradual exclusion of any human intervention. "Automated Photography" is a research project developed by the Master Photography at ECAL that addresses this situation by examining image production and distribution technologies, such as machine learning, drones CGI, augmented reality and photogrammetry.