Siméon Brandner – Spin Motion


Siméon Brandner – Spin Motion

with Alain Bellet, Christophe Guignard, Gaël Hugo

“Spin Motion is an iPhone application that allows you to create and share stop-motions. On shared animations one can participate in the realization by adding an image at the end. It will create two types of animations, made either by a person or exquisite corpse. The application is divided into three parts: the creation is made frame by frame. For each picture taken, a main line that crosses the screen trough its middle is a guide to align something on it. This line turns a few degrees after each shot to make a complete revolution. The visualization is effected by turn- ing the iPhone, making the animation play forward or backward. The baseline created by using the guide remains horizontal when the screen rotates. Modifying stop-motions allows you to rework animations and to share them. I developed a lot of knowledge in the ergonomics and the design of a sharing interface on iPhone.” Siméon Brandner