Sofia Papaefthymiou – Το Ρόδι – The Pomegranate


Sofia Papaefthymiou – Το Ρόδι – The Pomegranate

Diploma project by Sofia Papaefthymiou

Mention Bien. Being half-Cypriot half-Swiss, I somehow felt the need to understand my relationship to the territory, borders, exile and my shared origins. Το Ρόδι–The Pomegranate is a short film that has become a tool for exploration and deconstruction, bringing the geopolitical conflicts of my country up to the level of my own conflicts. This project is also a space where I can dream freely of other places, my own island – the reflections of my desires. Unable to reach this homeland, I try to grasp what I do not have, to reproduce the sensations that I experienced there. I collect archives, I commission images. I bring my female body, which I appropriate and re-appropriate through various representations, back to its origin, to find my place and speak up again.