Baldini (Collettivo Silencio


La festa degli innocenti


La festa degli innocenti

by Stefano Baldini (Collettivo Silencio, in collaboration with Andrea Vescovi)

The Feast of the Innocents is a show born from research we carried out between Savona and Renens, the former city being where we grew up, the latter where we now live. The path that led us to establish a parallel was based on the collection of stories and testimonies of those who lived in these two provinces, which although distant, are linked by strong yet silent similarities. The stories of retirees, immigrants and workers challenged our position in this flow. We therefore tried, by unravelling the relationships with the past, to weave one with the present, paving the way for a concrete search for a community. These stories are interwoven with our experience in the form of projections, music and verbal narration.