Tessa Donati – Viwo


Tessa Donati – Viwo

with Alain Bellet, Christophe Guignard, Gaël Hugo

Sound, illustration and construction are the key elements of the Viwo box, which contains 16 little wood blocks prepared to disclose six amusing illustrations. By placing these living cubes in the right place it will be possible to discover the supporting role of sound in solving the puzzle. This first game encourages children to examine the shapes of the objects, stimulates them to recreate the images accurately and increases their listening skills. To get started, just touch the word Viwo. The lid of the box and the available cards function as an amazing game! The senses involved are mainly touch, hearing and sight. In planning and building this box, my aim was to combine the traditional qualities of a wood game with those of modern games that capture children’s attention.