Yoonjae Lee – Umwelten: Four Humans


Yoonjae Lee – Umwelten: Four Humans

by Yoonjae Lee

Umwelt (pl. Umwelten) refers to the world as it is experienced by a particular organism. This installation visualises subtle differences in the Umwelt of four human beings. Eight live streaming cameras face one LED through bespoke camera filters that are shaped based on four individuals’ corneas. Specifically, the four individuals here are Yoonjae Lee herself and people she cares for. She tries to understand the fundamental differences between her dear ones and herself by discovering the morphological differences in each vision. By focusing on the fact that each person’s perception is different due to their bodily differences, before their experiences, this work questions the implicit agreement and undisclosed biases in visual arts that assume everyone sees an artwork in the same way.