Diploma project, ECAL 2012


by Jonas Berthod

“ This work tells the story of boxer and poet Arthur Cravan, precursor of Dada and Surrealism, who was born in Switzerland in 1887 and vanished somewhere in the Pacific Ocean in 1918. When I discovered his story in bits, I was struck by the number of lives he led, all full and intense. In order to tell them, I reenacted them in a visual enquiry, with a series of different design objects. Assembled and edited in a report completing my investigation, they retrace the facets of Arthur Cravan.

This work in two phases allowed me to make a foray, through my interests (art, the function and role of design, history, the materiality of print…), into the ways of telling a life beyond words — experimenting on the one hand with storytelling and on the other hand with the tools, both technical and visual, of design. ”

Jonas Berthod

GRAPHIC DESIGN, disparition, Jonas Berthod 1427