Studio project, ECAL 2013


by Christophe Saber

Teacher(s): Sébastien Lifshitz


Ismail and his sister are driving back from the airport. The young man has just arrived in a new country, Switzerland, whilst his sister has been here for a couple of month. Ismail is the ‘little one’, Jade is the older who seems to have authority. The car wanders and gets lost in the city. Suddenly, an incident occurs, putting an end to the harmless teasing between the two. The situation threatens Ismail’s manhood. The tension rises and puts the brother and sister relationship to the test.


« Sur le thème de la ville, Christophe Saber a filmé un huis clos nocturne au travers d'un éternel conflit fraternel. La justesse d'interprétation des acteurs tout comme l'épure de la mise en scène font de ce film un moment de cinéma intense et profondément humain. »

Sébastien Lifshitz / Réalisateur

Brother and Sister 5107