Studio project, ECAL 2016


Teacher(s): Augustin Scott de Martinville

We are more dependent than ever on electronic devices. There’s the fancy phone, watch or tablet, constantly vibrating and begging for attention; but let’s not forget the simple tools of everyday life. Those basic objects that help in your daily routines: waking up in the morning, connecting the power plug, or talking to someone with a good old-fashioned landline.

How can we make these better, more intuitive, or get rid of any unnecessary functions and simplify both their use and formal language?

Thilo Alex Brunner, head of the Master Product Design programme, provides some possible answers to theses questions: “To cooperate with both Petter Neby (Punkt founder/president) and the Jasper Morrison Office for Design (Punkt. art director) means a great deal for us, since we share many ‘Swiss’ design values such as efficiency and simplicity – but always with an element of surprise.”

Under the guidance of designer Augustin Scott de Martinville, the students product ideas are diverse and range from weather stations to wall printers, and torches to projectors.

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Photo ECAL/Younès Klouche

TP 01 by ECAL/Jaehoon Jung

TL 01 by ECAL/James Dart

CC 01 by ECAL/Dongkyun Lim

ES 02 by ECAL/Lucas Frank

DC 01 by ECAL/Jérémy Faivre

WS 01 by ECAL/Kévin Gouriou

IR 01 by ECAL/Terkel Skou Steffensen

WP 01 by ECAL/Nadine Schaub