Diploma project, ECAL 2021


by Jenna Callewaert

Mention Bien

What do you do when you miss everything? How do you avoid being haunted by the place you left? A painful absence mixed with hope, nostalgia that associates past and future, like a paradox.

Above all, this project is a quest: that of finding a part of myself in a country where I once lived, and whose only memories I had were of colours, smells and sensations. Throughout my journey, I sought to explore and confront these memories built on a form of absence. Between dismay and delight, I often asked myself the question of the integrity of these images. Were these memories real or pure fabrications of the mind?

I thus designed this book with the aim of capturing a process of transformation where each image, composed of sepia, shadows and ochre, carries in its flesh the testimonies of the past and illustrates that nothing ever dies.

Her and I

Her and I