ECAL designs the Swiss Parliament's new series of gifts

ECAL designs the Swiss Parliament's new series of gifts

June 13, 2023

These products, inspired by typically Swiss symbols, were entirely designed and developed in Switzerland thanks to the collaboration of excellent local partners.

From design to development, including the search for the best suppliers and the development of the product packaging, the institution has invested a great deal of passion in this highly formative project for its students. Through these exclusive objects, the ECAL is proud to be able to help promote Switzerland's image abroad.

A Swiss candle holder holds a scented candle, which tells the story of a trip to Switzerland. The scents were inspired by the fragrances of a walk in the mountains.  
By Gabriel Follonier
With Firmenich (Geneva), Schulthesskerzen GmbH (Bern), GM Précision (Vaud)
Swiss notebook commemorates Switzerland’s modern architectural landscape through a collection of works designed by iconic Swiss architects.
By Anne Bertoncini
With Caran d’Ache (Geneva)
A Swiss summits chocolate collection offers a taste of nine iconic Swiss mountains: the Matterhorn, the Dent Blanche, the Eiger, the Grand Combin, the Mönch, the Piz Bernina, the  Pointe Dufour, the Vanil Noir and the Weisshorn. 
By Victoria Mac Sweeney
With Chocolaterie Blondel (Vaud)
Swiss pencil sharpener in cast aluminium is inspired by the rotating movement and shape of the keys used to wind up tradi tional Swiss clocks and music boxes.
By Amandine Gini
With FASA-Fonderie et atelier mécanique d’Ardon SA (Valais)
A leather briefcase inspired by the panoramic views of the Swiss mountains and the vibrant colours ofsunrise.  
By Manon Vernier
With Multicuirs SA (Geneva)


Gabriel Follonier , Anne Bertoncini , Victoria Mac Sweeney , Amandine Gini , Manon Vernier


Stephane Halmai-Voisard , head of Bachelor Industrial Design
Tomas Kral , professor
Anthony Guex , coordination

Image: ECAL/Marvin Merkel
Image: ECAL/Marvin Merkel


Image: ECAL/Marvin Merkel
Image: ECAL/Marvin Merkel
Image: ECAL/Marvin Merkel