Exhibition "Glowstone", 21.04–07.05.2021, Gallery l'elac

Exhibition "Glowstone"
Gallery l'elac

From 22 April to 7 May 2021 at the Galerie l'elac, the exhibition "Glowstone" presents projects by students of the ECAL Master Fine Arts programme, initiated during a workshop organised extramuros at Espace Sébeillon by artist Neïl Beloufa.

The students' first action upon arriving at the satellite space has been to rename it "Flowstone". As a defining guideline for their proposal, the group then opted for horizontal modes of production in the making of their projects: the founding of collectives, the absence of a unique organizing figure. In the aftermath of the workshop, Flowstone morphed into a space where the production of ongoing projects cohabited with a series of ephemeral performances and shows.

"Glowstone" presents an archive of the off campus experience alongside projects launched at Flowstone, at times modified for the context of their current exhibition at Gallery l'elac.

A variety of projects, often created by at least four hands, can be discovered in the gallery: paintings, sculptures, video installations and sound pieces echo each other - all plunged in a cleverly orchestrated play of light.

César Axel Aguilar Rodríguez – Djellza Azemi – Lorenzo Benzoni – Tudor Ciurescu – Benjamin Fanni – Simone Nicola Filippo – Luca Frati – Ange-Frédéric Koffi – Peilian Li – Ines Maestre – Julie Magnenat – Valentina Parati – Leonardo Pellicanò – Jodie Rudaz – Christian Schulz – Stefan Tanase – Sunna Margrét Thórisdóttir – Mayara Yamada

From 22 April to 7 May 2021, from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm

Galerie l’elac
Avenue du Temple 5
CH–1020 Renens


Visual: ECAL/César Axel Aguilar Rodríguez

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Gallery l'elac
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