Exhibition "ECAL Photography" at ECAL, 12.12.2013–15.02.2014, Gallery l'elac, Renens

Exhibition "ECAL Photography" at ECAL
Gallery l'elac, Renens

From 13 December to 15 February 2014, ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne presents the “ECAL Photography” exhibition in the Gallery l'elac at Renens. The exhibition offers a selection of works produced by 58 young talents during their Photography Bachelor curriculum at ECAL. All these images were chosen by exhibition curator Nathalie Herschdorfer, who has developed several internationally acclaimed projects around emerging photography, as well as by Milo Keller, head of the Photography programme at ECAL, and Alexis Georgacopoulos, ECAL director. The scenography of the exhibition is created especially by Swiss designer Adrien Rovero. 

The “ECAL Photography” book (296 pages, 385 images) supports this event. This book is produced by art publishers Hatje Cantz, with a worldwide reputation for their catalogue of publications on photography.

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An art school is an image factory. New generations of artists are constantly emerging, joining the marathon of exhibitions and publications from the very first years of their creative lives. In this context, the art school has become a particularly attractive place for ambitious young artists.

This book features a selection of works by photography students from one of the world’s top art universities: ECAL, in Lausanne, Switzerland, an institution commited to training artists, graphic designers, industrial designers, typographers, filmmakers, interaction designers, and photographers. Here, students create freely, question the traditional genres, explore new territories, and experiment with and beyond their media. The works revealed by the “ECAL Photography” exhibition and collected in the eponymous book are bound to trace the beginnings of innovative practices in photography.

Exhibition « ECAL Photography »
Exhibition opens from 13 December 2013 to 15 February 2014
from Monday to Thursday, 10am to 5pm
Closed from 21 December 2013 to 7 Januray 2014

Galerie l’elac
5, avenue du Temple
CH-1020 Renens
 +41 (0)21 316 99 33

After the Gallery Azzedine Alaïa (Paris) in November 2013 and the Gallery l'elac, the exhibition will be presented in Milan at the Galleria Carla Sozzani from 11 January to 15 February 2014

Publication « ECAL Photography »
- 296 pages / 385 images / French and English, 26,5 . 35 cm / 50 Euros / ISBN 978-3-7757-3725-8
. Edited by ECAL (under the supervision of Alexis Georgacopoulos, Director of ECAL, Nathalie Herschdorfer, independent curator and art historian, and Milo Keller, Head of Bachelor Photography), 2013
- Art Direction by Julien Gallico & Olga Prader
- With interviews from visiting artists and photographers at ECAL realized by Nathalie Herschdorfer including Adam Broomberg, Brice Dellsperger, Jason Evans, Thomas Mailaender, Paolo Roversi, Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs et Joachim Schmid.
- Published by Hatje Cantz: www.hatjecantz.de

ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne
5, avenue du Temple, Renens
P.O. Box 555, CH-1001 Lausanne, Switzerland
+41 (0)21 316 99 33
ecal@ecal.ch / www.ecal.ch

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Gallery l'elac, Renens
Photo ECAL/Tiphanie Mall, Font ECAL/Yin Fei Gwee
ECAL, Photography, Paris, Alaïa, Azzedine, livre, exposition, Maya Rochat
Photo Cover by ECAL/Maya Rochat Typeface  Kalli Italic by ECAL/Yin Fei Gwee


Exhibition view. Photo by ECAL/Emile Barret
Exhibition view. Photo by ECAL/Emile Barret
Exhibition view. Photo by ECAL/Emile Barret


"Coco", ECAL/Priscillia Saada, 2012
"Es Stinkt der Mensch, Solang er Lebt ECAL", ECAL/Maya Rochat, 2009
"Curioso", ECAL/Olga Cafiero, 2009
"Watchit", ECAL/Tiphanie Mall, 2012
"Objets", ECAL/Armand Yerly, 2012
"Séduction", ECAL/Cyril Porchet, 2009
Mind Games", ECAL/Philippe Fragnière, 2011
"And If We Dance?", ECAL/Nicolas Haeni, 2009
"Ekaterina", ECAL/Romain Mader, 2012
"Promised Land", ECAL/Douglas Mandry, 2013
"Triple Corps", ECAL/Emile Barret, 2012
"Sans titre", ECAL/Jimmy Rachez, 2013
"Days of Threshold", ECAL / Jeremy Ayer, 2012
"Berry Blossoms Blue", ECAL/Alexia Cayre, 2011
"Maldoror" ECAL/Jean-Vincent Simonet, 2013
"Second Life", ECAL/Romain Hügli, 2010
"Éon Hunting", ECAL/Tristan Savoy, 2011