ECAL Milano 2023: U.F.O.G.O., 18–23.04.2023, Spazio Orso 16

ECAL Milano 2023: U.F.O.G.O.
Spazio Orso 16

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week (17-23 April 2023), ECAL presents U.F.O.G.O., an exhibition that provides a solution for a better integration of wind turbines in our landscapes.

In 2023, the significant role of renewable energies in tackling the energy crisis is blatant. In this context, wind turbines are once again seen as a promising idea. However, concerns about their environmental and social impact represent a significant obstacle to their deployment: how can we respond to the problem of their visual intrusion in the landscape? ECAL addresses this issue by emphasising the importance of design in the creative process. 

Convinced that, should design be placed at the heart of the thought process, wind turbines could fit into our landscapes not only sensitively, but beautifully, Master Product Design students present eight innovative projects. 

In October 2022, sixteen Master students travelled to Fogo Island (Newfoundland, Canada), a particularly windy region whose climate makes it an ideal location for the deployment of environmentally friendly electricity generation devices. 

In collaboration with the Shorefast Foundation of Fogo Island, the young designers immersed themselves in the landscape and explored ways to meet the needs of the inhabitants, while taking into account logistical imperatives and environmental constraints. Produced in consultation with engineers from HEIG-VD/School of Management and Engineering Vaud, the models integrate the technical, technological and legal principles necessary for their implementation. Through their subtle design, they bring innovative, reality-based solutions, favouring their acceptance by local populations. 

Depending on the project, the wind turbines respond to existing problems or current needs. EVIND is designed to enable the charging of electric cars. PNEUM, whose structure is actually a greenhouse, supports food production and self-sufficiency. PYRE offers an alternative to expensive imported building materials through 3D printing. WINDSEED is an offshore wind turbine with a structure that supports seaweed farming – a booming economy on the island. 

Others tell the story of Fogo Island, its long history of fishing industry and its unique architecture. The island is home to old fish processing factories that could become the foundation of RR REUSE, a model that enhances cultural and historical heritage. CLIFFHANGER seeks to approximate the architecture of the island’s traditional stilt houses. FOGO FLAGS, decorated with flags and located on the edge of the coastline, positions itself as the symbol of Fogo, providing a first impression for visitors upon their arrival. For air safety reasons, wind turbines can only be white, but FLO bypasses this restriction with a relief texture that features a palette of colours when viewed from the ground, becoming a landmark in the landscape. 

U.F.O.G.O. is the presentation of these eight prospective but realistic projects, which open new paths and push boundaries. 

As a media partner of the exhibition, design journal Disegno has presented the research and its results in a publication. 

In collaboration with the Shorefast Foundation of Fogo Island (Newfoundland, Canada) et la HEIG-VD/School of Engineering and Management.

As a media partner of the exhibition, design journal Disegno has presented the research and its results in a publication available at the exhibition site.


18-22 April, 11am – 8pm
23 April, 11am – 4pm


Spazio Orso 16
Via dell’Orso 16
20121 Milano


Sophia Götz , Jule Bols , Paula Mühlena , Maxine Granzin , Yohanna Rieckhoff , Luis Rodriguez , Donghwan Song , Lucas Hosteing , Chiara Torterolo , Luca Vernieri , Marcus Angerer , Sebastiano Gallizia , Cedric Oder , Oscar Rainbird-Chill , Fleur Federica Chiarito , Matteo Dal Lago  


Anthony Guex , Anniina Koivu , Camille Blin


Camille Blin


Maxwell Ashford

ECAL_U.F.O.G.O._credits Marvin Merkel_1.jpg
Image ECAL/Marvin Merkel
CLIFFHANGER by Cedric Oder and Oscar Rainbird-Chill - 3D Image by Arthur Seguin
E-WIND_ECAL by Paula Mühlena and Maxine Granzin - 3D Image by Arthur Seguin
FLO by Donghwan Song and Lucas Hosteing - 3D Image by Arthur Seguin
RR REUSE by Fleur Federica Chiarito and Matteo Dal Lago - 3D Image by Arthur Seguin


FOGO FLAGS by Chiara Torterolo and Luca Vernieri - 3D Image by Arthur Seguin
PNEUMA by Sophia Götz and Jule Bols - 3D Image by Arthur Seguin
PYRE by Marcus Angerer and Sebastiano Gallizia - 3D Image by Arthur Seguin
WINDSEED by Yohanna Rieckhoff and Luis Rodriguez - 3D Image by Arthur Seguin


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