Night's dream

Night's dream

A night party like others. Julie is looking for her friend Sara.

Collaboration (2014) by Josua Hotz


Fiction / 7min


A night party like others. Julie is looking for her friend Sara.

Workshop "One painting, one scene"
Félix Vallotton retrospective at the Grand Palais

This year's workshop had the particularity of confining us to a single location: the Château de la Sarraz, and of having a relationship - whatever it may be - with the work of Félix Vallotton. The films made in collaboration with the theater students of La Manufacture were sometimes inspired by this and sometimes opposed to it. Two films illustrate these possibilities in their own way.


Night's Dream is inspired exactly by one of the painter's paintings: pictorially first (frontal staging) and in the choice of characters (two women, one asleep, the other sitting on the same bed). From this silent painting, staging a secret that is not told, he creates a situation of speech, even of vaudeville. Josua Hotz adds a protagonist who will modify the rigid framework of the painting. The characters are embodied in their reality, their fragility (it is the same actress who plays both roles and it is interesting to see the difference in "acting"), and the image, nuanced, moving, takes us into an impressionist world, the opposite of Vallotton's art. In the end, the film conceals a poetry, an incongruity a thousand miles from its starting point.

Hippolyte Girardot / Actor, director

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