On Tour

On the occasion of the 2010 editions of the Tour de Romandie and Tour de Suisse, the ECAL has made a photographic and editorial project about competitive cycling. Conducted in collaboration with La Vaudoise Assurances and Les Editions Infolio "On Tour" was primarily to explore the forms of convergence between creative photography, sports sponsorship and the world of publishing. Students in photography, under the direction of their teachers, were immersed in the world of Tours to produce views likely to exceed the stereotypes usually associated with this type of sport's events. According to their sensitivities, they were especially encouraged to inspire from innovative approaches offered by a growing number of contemporary photographers.

In parallel with this prospective approach in terms of artistic and documentary photography, the goal was also to take account of recent redefinitions in the field of branding and communication and to generate original contributions, interviews and essays, on this issue.

The results of this project are multiple:

Main applicants

ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne
Pierre Fantys (project leader)

Research team

François Rappo (artistic direction)
Nicolas Faure, Joël Tettamanti (photographers, coaching)
Philippe Keanel (in charge of theoretical essays)
Joël Vacheron (in charge of "Off Tour")
Elise Guillod (assistant)
Cédric Raccio (assistant)
Erol Gemma (assistant)
Robert Huber (assistant)
Students of the department of visual communication / photography ECAL


La Vaudoise assurances



april 2010 – september 2012 

Supported by

ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne
Strategic fund of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO RCDAV)


On Tour, Tour de Romandie & Tour de Suisse en 2010
© 2010, Infolio éditions, CH-Gollion / www.infolio.ch
ISBN: 978-2-88474-621-2

RaD,  On Tour, photography
© ECAL / Florian Lüthi
RaD,  On Tour, photography
© ECAL / Philippe Fragnière