Collaboration with Bernardaud 2011

Collaboration with Bernardaud 2011

For the first collaboration with Bernardaud, the students worked under the direction of French designer Pierre Charpin to develop new designs to be applied to the porcelain produced at the Limoges factory.

Collaboration (2011) by Albert Schrurs, Guillaume Noiseux, Jeremy Murier

The students used the term "white" - which refers to porcelain pieces before they are decorated - as the basic material for their designs. The astonishing proposals, as well as the students' enthusiasm, prove how current the notion of decoration is.

Among the eight selected projects - produced in limited series - the "France" project was inspired by the Michelin Guide, born in 1900, to encourage customers to travel by car to discover culinary destinations and thus wear out their tyres. Roads and gastronomy become inseparable. The collection is for six people, and by juxtaposing the 30 different plates, the user discovers a single map of the roads and starred restaurants of France.

In order to pay tribute to the conquest of space and the unknown, the "Space Capsules" vases are inspired by the technical and scientific world of rockets or satellites. The "Inertia" project is based on an aesthetic resulting from movement. Applied using the turning technique, the pattern is painted directly onto the rotating parts. The impression of dynamism and speed is illustrated by the frequency of the lines and by their discontinuity. This series has been entirely handmade in order to create unique pieces.

ECAL/ Albert Schrurs
ECAL/ Guillaume Noiseux
ECAL/ Jeremy Murier