We are the others

Elias Ben Khalifa – We are the others

Karim and Adin are childhood friends. They haven't seen each other for a long time and get together for a drink to make up for lost time.

Diploma project (2021) by Elias Ben Khalifa


Fiction / 15 min


Karim and Adin are childhood friends. They have not seen each other for six months. They meet for a drink in a bar. During that time Adin was hospitalised in a psychiatric clinic: Karim never really knew why.

Karim, happy to see his best friend again, does everything to make this moment unforgettable. He wants Adin to feel good. But Adin is not here to celebrate, he would like to tell his friend the real reason for his absence. The truth upsets Karim who does not know how to react.