Nebraska (photography)

Fanny Reynaud – Nebraska (photography)

The movie tells two stories that temporalities each other ultimately :  the encounter between a Swiss farmer and a Portuguese traveler, and a cow’s pregnancy.

Diploma project (2020) by Fanny Reynaud

Josée Deshaies
fiction, photography direction

Fiction / 20 min


Lost in the mountains, surrounded by his cows, André works hard on the farm. His daily life suddenly takes a new turn when he meets Rafaele, a passing man who speaks Portuguese. Not sharing the same language, the two men try to communicate by means other than speech. The illness of one of the cows, Nebraska, and the impending birth of her calf, unites them by a common sensitivity.


My major is Filming at ECAL’s Film Studies Department and my graduation project therefore consisted of being director of photography for a film made by one of my fellow students, Lou-Théa Papaloïzos, and monitoring its production from the early days of preparing the film all the way to grading. The film in question tells the story of André, a farmer who raises Swiss cows, and Rafaele, a young Portuguese man crossing Switzerland to join his brother in Germany. The film subtly exposes the attraction that the two men feel for each other, bathed in the gentleness of the animal world.

Fanny Reynaud