Mountain Flesh  (Sound)

Marine Maye – Mountain Flesh (Sound)

The summer idyll is disturbed by recurring noises while a mountain village loses its foundations.

Diploma project (2022) by Marine Maye

Nathalie Vidal

Documentary / 18 min


Hikers pass by, while the village fountain gently sputters and the church bells ring out across the valley. But the idyll of summer is disturbed by recurring noises. Will the mountain come or not? As a mountain village loses its foundations, the crumbling becomes louder and louder.

Student's comment

Mountain Flesh is a short documentary by Valentina Sashivari that tells the story of a village in Graubünden threatened by the mountain that overlooks it. I carried out the entire sound production process for the short film. The main task was to work on the sounds taken during the shooting to create the sound identity of the film and particularly the specific sounds which translate the point of view of the rock. One of the challenges was to convey a world that is running to ruin without falling into tragedy – a very subtle threat that I worked on thanks to sound design and sound mixing.

Marine Maye