Ramboy (Sound)

Yatoni Roy Cantu – Ramboy (Sound)

Ramboy provided me with the opportunity to look after the whole sound process of a film, from the sound recording to the music, the editing and the mixing. It was a real adventure.

Diploma project (2022) by Yatoni Roy Cantu

Masé Studios Sound Award

Documentary / 30 min


On Achill Island, a predominantly sheep-populated island off the west coast of Ireland, Cian tries his best to train his grandfather's sheep dog, Martin. From an opening scene that shows the teenager struggling with disobedient animals and a patient but firm grandfather, the long and rigorous apprenticeship of farm work begins, during a summer he would have preferred to spend with his friends. Wearing a soccer jersey and city sneakers, Cian is confronted with the harshness and demands of a job that he admires and respects, but in which he is not sure he has a long term vision.

Student's comment

Ramboy was a chance for me to take care of the whole sound chain of a film. From the sound recording, to the music, to the editing, to the mixing. It was a real adventure. I had to adapt to the documentary conditions and the sometimes complicated weather on Achill Island, as well as find the right tone for the music.

The collaboration with Matthias Joulaud and Lucien Roux was extremely fruitful and I believe we succeeded in drawing the portrait we wanted to make of this island and its inhabitants.