Workshop - Charlie Engman

Workshop - Charlie Engman

"Treatment, Synthesis, and Art Direction"

Charlie Engman is an artist, photographer, writer, and art director based in Brooklyn, New York.He works across a range of media and disciplines from gen-AI art, photography, video, and fashion, and balances artistic, commercial, and pedagogical practices. He is the art director
of the sustainable fashion brand, Collina Strada, where he is responsible for print design, branding, and runway show design.

This workshop will investigate the ways in which media, aesthetics, and culture are interwoven and overlapping and are driven in
large part by the accessibility of popular technology. It will also investigate the ways in which creativity is a collaborative and iterative process that bleeds across genre and category. There will be a key focus on the intersection of photography, AI tools, and videogaming / user-driven media.In this workshop, participants are expected to explore and challenge the ways they integrate and synthesize both professional and vernacular registers and new and traditional techniques.
This will also serve as an introduction to developing art direction and making “ treatments ” for commissioned projects, and practical experience concepting and executing assignments that can bridge between a distinctive artistic practice and preexisting modes of making and sharing.



Workshop (2023) with Milo Keller, Clément Lambelet

Mahalia Taje Giotto
Sunny Attias, Bor Cvetko, Riccardo Fasana, Nabarun Gogoi, Florian Hilt, Isabella Madrid, Tanguy Morvan, Nina Pacherová, Mirielle Alina Rohr, Amélie Tricaud, Tianyu Wang, Fabienne Watzke
2nd year
3rd semester
ECAL/Riccardo Fasana
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