Music made visual

Music made visual

Workshop with Brian Roettinger

This workshop was a typographic exploration/exercise on how typography can express musical feeling/tone.

The students used the lyrics as a graphic material. With the as their only source material they had to create one poster.


Workshop (2023) by Rebecca Alfandary, Valentin Bonzon, Jonas Buxcel, Camille Choquard, Alexandra Cupsa, Sacha Décoppet, Morgane Gilliéron, Flaurant Kadrija, Yohann Kampmann, Simon Maurer, Delphine Moënnat, Monica Müller, Océane Pasteur, Luca Reichenbach, Luca Riva, Angeline Rossetti, Pierre Teissier, Baptiste Torrent, Elsa Trummer, Chloé Vandewalle

Inés Barrionuevo
Imagemaking, Illustration