An exhibition at the Olympic Museum by the students in Foundation Year – Photography option at ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne.

Under the photographer’s direction Nicolas Haeni, the students have explored the theme of the Olympic Games by immersing themselves in its diversity. Through photography and moving images, the young photographers offer a fresh and curious look at these disciplines, inviting us to look beyond mere performance to contemplate the beauty of detail hidden in each sport.


PP – Option Courses (2024) by Bogdan Kulyk, Lucie Schrag, Louise Botti Balaguer, Mathis Hudovernik, Nastasia Crohas-Beselia, Nicolas Tripod, Simon Devillers, Sven Hugi, Amelie Board, Léa Huguenin, Natasha Saccardi

Aude Meyer de Stadelhofen