Anna Schudel – Parkin Not Dal Mot


Anna Schudel – Parkin Not Dal Mot

by Anna Schudel

In the Swiss Alps, far away in the lower Engadine, there is an arcane garden which is home to many peculiar installations produced by Swiss artist Not Vital. Lying on a steep ground its nature is primal and raw, yet has a taste of enchanted romance. Entering the park is like stepping through a gate that separates the rational from the surreal. This particular nature, combined with the architectural sculptures, gives the visitor a fevered, dreamlike experience. The editorial project transcribes this place into an object, which allows the reader to make a virtual visit.  Parkin Not dal Mot  consists of a story book with local tales and lyrics of cultural value and a smaller guide presenting the artwork and the garden. Furthermore, it refers to its strong themes - art, surrealism, momentariness, nostalgia and the force of nature. It is my personal interpretation of Parkin Not dal Mot and a wish to share it with others. Anna Schudel