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Chloé Tun Tun – Last Time Burma


Chloé Tun Tun – Last Time Burma

by Chloé Tun Tun

“Being the daughter of a Burmese father and having lived in Myanmar, the idea of exploring this side of my identity, and travelling to Myanmar felt like a necessity. When I arrived I felt like I wasn’t part of the culture as much as I thought. In contrast to this I felt very comfortable with my surroundings, which made everything feel strange yet familiar at the same time. I decided to use this feeling as the main structure for this project. When I arrived back in Switzerland, I split the photos into two parts, I used installation to create an atmosphere that could translate how the mystical and the mysterious aspects of the country marked my understanding, and my way of seeing and taking photographs. For the second half of the project I decided to create a book. I tried to make this as honestly as possible in the hope of creating an intimate relationship between the country and myself as well as providing the reader with an insight into who I am. It has been an important insight into my life, enabling me to answer many questions in regard to my identity and my work.“