Accrochage Photographique


Accrochage Photographique

Studio project with Laurence Bonvin

Reclaiming Water invites you to create projects related to the element water, whatever its form, solid, liquid or gas. The oceans cover 71% of the earth's surface and we are 65% water. Water is a vital element, it is synonymous with life and can also be a disruptive and destructive element. Who owns water? Is it a common good or a marketable resource? Access to clean water is already a problem in many regions and will become one of the major global issues of this century. Here, glaciers are melting and gradually disappearing, and there, rising oceans are threatening the habitability of certain islands and coasts. Floods and flash floods cause human and material losses and reshape the landscape. Human activity in the home, industry and and mining activities lead to pollution of surface and ground water. In the medium term, drinking water will be the most sought-after and most precious raw material. The issue of water reveals many questions of environmental injustice. Reclaiming Water is an invitation to question yourself and to produce images in relation to the countless issues related to water. In our regions, the issue of water takes on particular forms linked in particular to the melting of glaciers, the increasing scarcity of snow and an exceptional abundance of this natural resource. On the one hand, what is still true today will not necessarily be true tomorrow. On the other hand, in other parts of the world, water is already a political, social, economic and human issue. How can we visually address these issues?