We’ve not like spiders nets from grief’s saliv.

Robin Mognetti – We’ve not like spiders nets from grief’s saliv.

Suffering from insomnia, Nina, a young woman leaves Paris to return in Provence, in his hometown. Following the unexplained disappearance of his sister, stranges phenomena take place and seem to be addressed to her. One night, Nina sees something, an apparition that will lead her in her sister's footsteps.

Diploma project (2018) by Robin Mognetti


Fiction / 19 min


Nina, a young woman in her thirties, arrives at the Hyères-les-Palmiers station, her terminus. She visits her mother in a hospital. Their reunion has the weight of a painful past. In the evening around a dinner, Nina listens to her aunt trying to comfort her and advices her to consult a clairvoyant. At night, Nina seems to have recognized a shadow but outside, there is no soul alive. The next day, the family doctor advocates rest for Nina. At the end of the day, Nina brings her grandmother to the grave of her ancestors. When night falls, Nina is drawn to her sister's ghost. She follows him to the sea where a fisherman catches her at the edge of the water. The fisherman takes her home. Nina is collected by two friends of her aunt. After sleeping Nina is lay down on the couch in the living room. The clairvoyant tries to feel the presence of the dead soul of Nina’s sister. The connection is not established between the clairvoyant and the wandering soul of her sister, however something takes place. That night, while Nina seems to be getting rid of the weight of her own guilt, in the fire, a flame shines imperceptibly more than the others.