Antoine Flahaut – Wasteland

Jérôme has failed his High-School leaving exams. He spend the day with his best friend, David before to go to a party.

Diploma project (2018) by Antoine Flahaut

Screenplay / Scriptwriting, Fiction

Fiction / 18 min


Jérôme has failed his High-School leaving exams. His best friend, David, has passed his exams and is getting ready to leave. They spend the day hanging out around their village, where they know every nook and cranny, and in the evening go to a party with their old schoolmates... Summer is just beginning but their friendship seems doomed to end.


Antoine Flahaut was to write a feature film script to conclude his studies at ECAL. His preliminary documentation work soon took on the scope of a gigantic research project, commensurate with the ambition of the project. By telling the story of a young man from a working class family in Montbéliard in the spring of 1968, Antoine was indeed proposing to resurrect a world.

Wasteland is a gesture. An almost improvised short film, faithful in the background to the scenario of the feature film, but which also frees itself from it to better reconnect with the original inspiration of its author. A series of sensitive and fragile moments that reveal a soul, that of a boy on the border between childhood and manhood. A poem of vertigo in the face of the opacity of life, between nostalgia and the call of the sea, between early disenchantment and great hopes.

Emmanuel Salinger / Actor, screenwriter, director