Stone Age

Lour Rambert Preiss – Stone Age

In a vast stone quarry, an explosion reveals an object from the past.

Diploma project (2018) by Lour Rambert Preiss


Fiction / 22 min


A great rock quarry today. Antonin, 27, discovers a face in the rock after an explosion. We shut down the sector, the company is stormed by mysterious scientists. During free time, we speculate on the origin of the face... Antonin's obsession grows.


Lou's film asked essential questions to him: to represent or not to represent? To put in form, at what point? The film is inscribed on this fine border, where our imaginations as spectators can be engulfed if we are not forbidden to enter by too many "pronouncements". Lou creates a space of cinema, situated between the spectator and the screen, in a dialogue oriented but not constrained. Thus, the film has the space to exist within us, and it succeeds in bringing to life the mystery it does not define.

Each of the students, in his or her own place, has had to face these questions. And if Lionel Baier were Lao Tseu, he would tell them "The Tao that we try to grasp is not the Tao itself; the name we want to give it is not its proper name." Uh...

Lou and his editor Gabrielle Stemmer knew how to play skillfully with duration and its variations, with the play of actors and non-actors together, with the relationships of scale (of space and time), with the interference of the supernatural... 

In short, Big, Small, Doubt... Bravo to him and his team.

Alain Gomis / Director