Carlos Tapia – Satán

Tiago goes everyday outside the house to feed the crocodile that killed his brother.

Diploma project (2017) by Carlos Tapia

Fiction / 17 min


Tiago feeds the crocodile that killed his brother. Spellbound by this crocodile called Satan, Tiago will go see him every day in his enclosure. As in a dream, the ghost of his brother Santi appears, Tiago will spend time with him before he disappears definitively. A symbolic tale about a boy who frees himself from a fatal curse, a weight borne by several family generations.


There is a little lord in his castle, like in Italo Calvino's stories. There is a threatening beast, defying men, like Buzzati's "K". There is a blond boy, with a rebellious look, too quiet to be innocent as in Pasolini.

The vibrating air, the magnolias floating in the water, the procession of women who feed Satàn in his tropical lair, all of this takes us back to Mexico, that of Carlos Tapias. A mythical land where the dead speak to the living, where time is cold-blooded. Like that of a reptile.

Lionel Baier / Director