Patrick Muroni – Foulek

Niels, a twenty-year-old young man, rediscovers a friend became professional rap artist.

Diploma project (2017) by Patrick Muroni

Fiction / 18 min


Overwhelmed by loneliness and the inertia of his country life, Niels, a twenty-year-old young man, does not endeavour to embellish his everyday life anymore. One day, a childhood friend is back in the village. She has become a professional rap artist. Niels both rediscovers his friend and her texts.


Foulek or the introspection of a young man in need of reference, whose "only homeland is rap."

Patrick thus continues to question his relationship to the world through hard-hitting rhymes that mix violence, solitude and obstinacy, against a backdrop of romance. A bluffing direction of actor, a fragile thread that the director unrolls and holds from beginning to end, a film with a tense flow, like an intimate flow that reveals the fragility of this world of youth, where everything should still be possible.