Lora Mure-Ravaud – Blackjack

Leila is a dealer at the casino and sleeps at the hotel. A room neighbor arrives and disturbs her daily routine.

Diploma project (2017) by Lora Mure-Ravaud

Fiction / 22 min


Leila, singularly androgynous, works at a casino, a predominantly male environment. Croupier at night, she returns to her hotel room early in the morning. Camil has just arrived at the hotel, and spends his days alone, disappearing in the morning and returning at nightfall. They are neighbours. Gradually, a mutual and silent attraction develops.


Blackjack takes up the challenge of a filmmaker's fascination for her main actress, the audacity of a story where incarnation is the key word. The confident gestures, the telling glances are accomplished in a montage of great elegance. This film, sincere and coherent, goes to the end of itself, to the end of its choices and its own grammar. Long after having seen it, the memory of Leila's look does not leave us and still opens the window to a thousand landscapes.

Delphine Gleize / Scriptwriter and director