Off the Highway

Rhona Mühlebach – Off the Highway

She’s riding an E-Bike while he is on a normal one. The road is steep.

Diploma project (2014) by Rhona Mühlebach


Fiction / 22min


Roman and Linda are a couple that don't have much in common anymore besides drinking Bloody Marys. They go on a bike trip across the Swiss mountains. Roman rides a normal bike although he is out of shape. Linda rides an electrical bike. Their trip quickly becomes more complicated than expected. The couple find themselves at a crossroad and must make a choice.


The film Abseits der Autobahn tells a story of love at the end of the road. Rhona dissects the question of desire between a man and a woman, and it is breathless and on the verge of an asthma attack that they reveal their relationship that is unraveling, the darkness of their feelings, in other words, the passage of time with its indelible traces. In a natural setting in the midst of the changing seasons, in a film in motion that plays on the stretching of time, in its relationship to the actors, in its mastery of space, Rhona asserts her aesthetic choice and her influences.

Elsa Amiel / Director, first assistant director


Action Light Award Locarno Film Festival 2014

Cinema e Gioventu Award Locarno Film Festival 2014

Abseits der Autobahn sur