Le Frelon Helvétique

Justine Bannwart – Le Frelon Helvétique

"While trying to find a diploma subject, I watched a documentary about an ancestral sport: the Hornussen. A Swiss national sport, it’s mostly played in the German part of Switzerland and pratically unknown in the French part. Often qualified as the Swiss farmers’ sport it’s sometimes deprecated by the public because of its festive characteristics. My diploma project led me to meet the followers of this sport and to learn more about my own culture. In order to share my experience with the public I created a publication for an Hornussen’s retrospective at the Swiss Sports Museum.  Mixing technical information and graphics about the game and more personal illustrations inspired by Swiss Poya naïve paintings, the object gives this traditional sport a contemporary look." Justine Bannwart

Diploma project (2012) by Justine Bannwart