Back to Mandima

Robert-Jan Lacombe – Back to Mandima

1996. I was 10 when we left our village of Zaire. War broke soon after. A personal journey, back to the childhood, to look for my best friends. But a lot has happened in 15 years.

Diploma project (2011) by Robert-Jan Lacombe


Documentary / 40min


Back to Mandima, to find my village and my three best friends in the heart of the Zaire, now R.D. Congo. Bring closure to an ideal, idealized childhood and get free from its spells. Meanwhile there's been a war, a varnish of time, 15 years. Nothing changed? Everything has. What is frendship, beyond the skin colour, when one can take the plane and the other can’t ? When one uses the informal "you" and the other the formal "You" ?