Bricks & Blocks

Gregor Frei – Bricks & Blocks

Rudy is on the ropes. What keeps him living is the friendship with Martin. One day, he has to take care of an apprentice.

Diploma project (2011) by Gregor Frei


Fiction / 19min


Rudy is on the ropes. Alone at the building yard, alone at home – what keeps him living are ball games in the evening and the team play with his friend Martin. When Asim, a bright and sprouting apprentice, appears at the building yard, this friendship gets tested. Rudy must take a decision.


Bricks and Blocks is not afraid to assert a certain taste for classicism, in order to subtly carve out the friendship that develops between a grumpy tiler and a young boy of Yugoslav origin in the middle of an immersion course on a building site. At once a story of friendship, love and filiation, the film offers a beautiful space to the actors and the characters they embody.

Frédéric Mermoud / Director


CINEMA, Handschlag, Gregor Frei