Collaboration with Baccarat 2012

Collaboration with Baccarat 2012

Following the collaboration initiated in 2011 around the iconic Harcourt glass, Baccarat and ECAL are continuing their common reflection in 2012. The students of the Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship are all working on the same global project, combining object design, scenography, photography and the conception of a final publication. 
Supervised by London designer Bethan Laura Wood and Parisian photographer Philippe Jarrigeon, each group of students set out to revisit the universal theme of the Vase, starting from the same basic conical shape and questioning all of the Manufacture's know-how.
Based on the principles of cutting, engraving, sandblasting and gilding, Vase-O-Rama was created, a hybrid and abundant collection, like a panorama.

Collaboration (2012) by Charlotte Sünnen, Anna Bitzer, Ana Varela, David Luraschi, Aurélie Mathieu, Philippe Karrer


Witnessing the dialogue between the personalities and cultures of students from fifteen different nationalities, the epilogue of this six-month workshop highlights the contemporary potential of Baccarat's heritage. By pushing each concept as far as possible and mischievously underlining the noble and mysterious forces of crystal, the six final projects explore the uses, materials, and notions of scale and aesthetics inherent in the object.

With humour and transgression, the "Vase-O-Rama" collection reveals creations that celebrate Baccarat's know-how.


ECAL, Baccarat
SIDEWAY  ECAL/Charlotte Sünnen & Anna Bitzer
ECAL, Baccarat
HARNESS  ECAL/Charlotte Sünnen & Anna Bitzer


Ana Varela, David Luraschi, Baccarat
TARTAN, CHEVRON & HARLEQUIN  ECAL/Ana Varela & David Luraschi
ECAL, Baccarat
EXQUIS  ECAL/Kacper Hamilton & Michal Florence


ECAL, Baccarat
BRICKS  ECAL/Aurélie Mathieu & Philippe Karrer


Aurélie Mathieu & Philippe Karrer
A fluted vase cut into layers borrowing from the codes of the construction game.


Ana Varela & David Luraschi
Set of three vases reinterpreting the textile motifs of tartan, chevron and argyle.


Kacper Hamilton 
Based on the exquisite cadaver principle, this series of three vases uses various combinations of designs and cut-outs from the factory's archives.


Cahrlotte Sunnen
The horizontal cut-outs of the vase allow the piece to be held at an angle while resting on a base.


Cahrlotte Sunnen 
The vase has an integrated harness that can be used as a backpack.