Being a ghost (Editing)

Axel Bezençon – Being a ghost (Editing)

Serge discovers what being a ghost is like but Martial, an old spirit, prevents him from having fun.

Diploma project (2021) by Axel Bezençon

Fiction / 19 min


I edited the short film Une vie de fantôme by Sebastian Friedmann. Working closely together, we structured the film to trace the trajectory of its main character, Serge, a young adult who is happy to be the ghost of the thermal baths where he worked when he was alive, but who soon becomes disillusioned, especially when he meets Martial, an old ghost who has been haunting the place for years.

“Do, undo, do again, do something else. But always move towards the film that has been dreamed of.” This was our mantra.

The same goes for my dissertation, which, through interviews with personalities from the Swiss film industry, discusses the importance of dramaturgy in editing and the following question: why are editors generally not recognised as authors?

Axel Bezençon