Soraya Luna (sound)

Vuk Vukmanovic – Soraya Luna (sound)

A cinematographic necromancy calls the spectres of the past: by the means of VHS find the spectator submerges into the Berlin family's intimate play of the author's childhood.

Diploma project (2020) by Vuk Vukmanovic

ECAL Award
Sound, Fiction

Fiction / 24min


A violent event of death shatters the author in spring 2019. So she start a cinematographic necromancy calling the spectres of the past : by the means of VHS find she submerges into the Berlin family's intimate play of her childhood. An attempt of purification which passes the limites of time, language and space in order to transform a profound wound into something sublime.

Student's statement

In order to ensure a sound that was both artistically and technically appropriate for my classmates’ graduation films, I worked closely with all departments involved in the production process, scouting locations, attending rehearsals, and choosing the right equipment. I also helped develop the narrative aspects of one of these projects by adding or taking away layers of music, moods and effects to the sound editing, and then refining this complex soundscape in the mix until it fitted imperceptibly into a larger context.