Europa (production)

Ketsia Stocker – Europa (production)

Pedro, working in Switzerland, must take one cow to the slaughterhouse at the same time his mother dies in Spain.

Diploma project (2020) by Ketsia Stocker

Jacqueline Veuve Award

Fiction / 26min


Pedro, a Spanish worker, lives far from the world on his employer's farm in Switzerland. His mother is in hospital in Spain. Before leaving he has to do one last job: take one of his boss's cows, Europa, to the slaughterhouse. While trying to contact his brother Pedro has a car accident and arrives late to deliver the cow. At that moment, his brother calls him to tell him that his mother has died. His world collapses and he begins a journey in which his only companion will be this cow, next to which he will start to accept the loss.

Student's statement

As my major is Production, my diploma project was to produce a short film. Drawn by the film project of filmmaker Lucas Rubio, I decided to work together with him. I assisted him in the development of the scenario as well as in the preparation for shooting, selecting sets and the film crew.

We had to overcome a few challenges during shooting: the weather conditions made logistics difficult and the cow, a central character, required special attention, adding more constraints to the project.