Strike the Pose

Maya Bellier – Strike the Pose

In performing arts, there is often, by convention, some distance, an invisible screen that separates the audience from the actors in the performance. Yet these respective positions have changed over time. Bauhaus artists actually aimed for total theatre, where the entire venue would be the stage. Strike the Pose is a participatory VR experience that begins from the moment we wait. A re-interpretation of Oskar Schlemmer’s “Triadic Ballet”, this complete and inclusive work invites all participants to enter through their acting into a total composition, both physical and digital.

Diploma project (2020) by Maya Bellier

Very good
Residency at Swissnex in San Francisco
Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Graphics, Game, Machine learning (ML, AI)
Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez